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Flip it (autre vidéo) ‘Til the neons gone (+ Corn)Knock off (+ How about that)
These old bootsGoin’ goin’ goneDim the lights
Shake it for meWhen the night fallsSwingin’ praise
You’re some girlAtlantic chaDarts in the dark
I was on a boatDear rodeoHypnosis
Sunroof (autre vidéo)In the valley (autre vidéo)Shut up and dance (vintage)
I Have been lonely EZTo us it did (autre vidéo)Like I love country music
Rum in my cokeSunroofPortland cha
Mellow moonlight (autre video)Storm and Stone (autre vidéo) + You’re some girlShouting to the monsters
Broken neon heartsDraggin’ your bootsMr. Policeman (vintage)
When a woman’s in loveDallas cowgirlWould have loved her
Wind my sails
Footloose (vintage)
Feel the fire
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