Danses apprises au cours de l’année :

Débutants : Little miss Hayley Jo *, Half a cha *, Whiskey bridges *, Go shanty *, No more fooling around *, Smooth like the summer *, My wave **, Road house rock *, Sixteen summer *, Love flow *, Desirable *, Texas time *, Never land *, Get along *, Paddy’s choir *, Little country race *

Intermédiaires : Back to the bar, Damn !!!!!, Celtic eagles, Texas time, Just sayin’, Can’t see straight, Day of the dead, Pretty boy, Footloose, Farmer’s wife, Cowgirls, Come back to bed, Let’s go there, I got this too, Mood swing

Avancés « Modern Line » : Step on the scene, 85, Into pieces, Celtic eagles, These days, OK, Vanotek cha, Vampire city, I’ll be there, Blaze of glory, The yellow and green, Groovy love, One hundred, Footloose, The thing about you, Into the morning, To run to, Power over me, Graffiti

Les * sont des liens vers des vidéos de la danse pour réviser.

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